Q1 Broadcasting makes it easy to connect with fellow viewers and we want you to be able to socialize safely online. Here are some basic online safety guidelines to keep in mind when you’re at the Q1 Broadcasting website:

  • Protect your personal information. Your Q1 Broadcasting profile is in a public space so be careful about posting or giving out specific information about yourself such as your phone number, address, email address, etc. Post only information that you are comfortable with others seeing and knowing.
  • Report illegal and inappropriate content. If you feel threatened by someone or are uncomfortable about any inappropriate content you see on the site; contact us at contentreview@q1broadcasting.com or contact legal authorities directly.
  • Beware of phishing scams. Phishing is the act of sending out fraudulent emails or instant messages to illegally gain personal information for purposes of identity theft. To get more information on how to protect yourself visit OnGuard Online
  • Be cautious about meeting strangers online. It’s fun to meet new people and connect with Q1 Broadcasting members that share your same interests, but be cautious about meeting people in person whom you do not fully know.

To learn more about online safety visit these other sites: