Aleris Specification Alloys
Coldwater Operations

Aleris makes aluminum that works in virtually any application, anywhere in the world.  In cars, airplanes, trucks, trains, boats, buildings, containers, industrial products and more.  Aleris’s Coldwater facilities are major suppliers to the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM), casting producers, and other auto industry suppliers.

Aleris manufacturing and recycling operations creates molten aluminum that is about 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, or a coil of aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, or aluminum rods, bars or billets that are made to customer specifications.

Project Goal:

Produce a short safety video for visitor on-site visits.  The video will be shown in the lobby and all visitors must watch it, before proceeding to any part of the facilities. The video includes information about sign in procedures, safety requirements, hazards, and personal protection equipment requirements

How we helped:

  1. Coordinated the treatment outline based on client need
  2. Produced a script that covered key safety and policy points
  3. Shot appropriate scenes for production 1080p
  4. Post production (narration, motion graphics, editing, music)