“Placing links from videos on sites like: You Tube, Vimeo etc… can improve the sites relevance in search results, also placing video in emails increases the odds of a click-throughs to the site by 50%.”

“Always accessible and responsive”, Timely execution and creative excellence”, those are just a few quotes from clients of Q1 Broadcasting. Marketing a product or service is not always a 9-5 job. With the advent of online and mobile media, more companies are utilizing this cost effective way of delivering a precise message anytime, anywhere. Q1’s offers experience in all aspects of media including production, promotion and delivery to a targeted audience.

Social media’s growing dominance compels marketers to abandon their old hard sell in favor of a content-driven marketing conversation that can facilitate meaningful brand relationships with customers and prospects. In this challenging environment, content is a key tool to foster relationships. Publishing a video online, writing a blog, creating a Facebook page, or launching a Twitter feed is only the beginning of a strategic content marketing program.